Nested Crescents at Hackpen Hill 2011.

Belated thanks to Steve Alexander for the overhead shots of the East Meon formation, and apologies for the oversight in forgetting to include them in the closing credits.

Interview with Farmer David White

I went to the Hackpen Hill formation today and filmed this short interview with the farmer Mr David White.

Mr White made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want people to go into the formation.

He was arranging for the formation to be cut out, but having spoken with myself and Paul Johnson, he agreed to allow the formation to remain for aerial photography only.

Chisbury and The Pentagram

The Nuts and Bolts of Danebury Hillfort

Masterpiece at Cley Hill 9th July 2010.

Phoenix 12/6/2009

I did an interview in Brazil last month about this stunning formation from last year. Norman Sharp, the interviewer, took the footage that I shot inside on the day it was discovered, and has put together this great edit. We hope that you enjoy it.

7/7/7 re-visited