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Stonehenge delayed

Huge apologies for the delay in posting our video blog on Stonehenge. It’s turned out to be quite long, so we are going to be posting it in 2 parts. The first part is ready and is being uploaded today, and the second will be completed and posted later this week. Meanwhile here are some shots of the latest formation at Wilton Windmill. I was fortunate to get to this formation quite early after it was reported and so I have some great footage to share with you all. Like Stonehenge, I’m also going to post the video blog for this formation in 2 parts, the first showing the footage and photographs, and the second will look at some of the exiting information that has been decoded from it. All being well, part 1 should be uploaded by tomorrow. Thank you once again for your patience, we are working quite hard grappling with all kinds of new technology and concepts in order to bring you a different perspective on this elusive and enigmatic phenomenon. Big thanks to Andrew Pyrka for some of the ground shots at Wilton Windmill.

Here is a slide show of the Wilton Windmill images:

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