Stonehenge Reported 9th May 2010 Part 1

We’re very happy to finally be able to share the Stonehenge footage with you all. Once again apologies for the delay.

  1. Dear Gary and Michael!

    I find it difficult to thank you two enough for this wonderful footage.

    Anna Marie

    • Norman Muller
    • June 5th, 2010

    Never having been to Wiltshire during crop circle season, your excellent videos are the next best thing, and provide one with the experience of being on the ground in “real time.”

    Still, I cannot help but wonder how Janet Ossebaard expresses the flip side of what everyone else seemed to find. Was she there long after others had seen the formation, and the broken stems and footprints were those of previous visitors? She offers no comment on the complex basket weave of the central circle, which makes one wonder.

    • Pandora
    • June 5th, 2010

    Wonderful Video! Once again I feel I have been in the actual formation.
    The ground lay and the detail of how the crop was designed to form a basket weave. I have come across this particular form of lay before in a formation I found in 2004,only this ground lay was long and flowing and looked like it had been combed, with partings throughout the crop which were laid to travel in so many different directions as if splayed by an invisible hand holding some kind of magic wand . What we really have to question is …just what kind of mechanism is being used here to produce such amazing images in the field. I am, after almost twenty years of following this amazing phenomena more intrigued and yes… I have to say surprised as time goes by.
    This one is an important formation perhaps linked to several formations of the recent past. Thank you so much Michael and Gary, love and light,



    Thank You for all the great work Dear Ones …

    ~ Deep Cosmic Bow ~

    Namaste … _/\_ … 😀

  3. We are being
    taken, turned and transformed
    Ancient Baskets
    woven with
    Sacred Forms & Intention,
    Beautiful Equations
    Divine Integration
    hung on the Harmonic Scales
    of Old Stones with New Tones.

    Keep Tuned


  4. Great Footage Gary! The sound of wonder in your voice is palpable!

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