Liddington Castle Reported 2nd June 2010

A fantastic 18 fold formation has arrived at Liddington Castle in Barley. Here are some great overhead shots taken by Olivier Morrell, plus Andrew Pyrka’s excellent ground and pole shots. Video blog to follow.

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    • Monique Klinkenbergh
    • June 9th, 2010

    Dear Michael and Gary,
    It all looks stunning what you are doing and creating! Thank you for all the wonderful reports. It allows me (and probably all the people from abroad) to experience at home the look and feel of the formations. Thanks a lot! Monique

    • David
    • June 8th, 2010

    Ha ha….

    I like your posts, Anne Lightheart. Lovely.

    Here’s to you for adding levity and cheer… always welcome.

    All the best.

    Can’t wait to see the new one at Littleton Long Barrow, guys!

    • Anne Lightheart
    • June 8th, 2010

    GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS…..quiet!!! You’ll wake nature…x

    • David
    • June 6th, 2010


    Thank you for your highly scientific and dignified name-calling. All good.

    What ever “bluff” you are talking about is apparent only to yourself (check your wounded ego).

    Amazing ability you have there to speak for others too. Are you a channeller? Another miracle?

    Let it go Lawrence. You will not elicit any animosity from me. Everyone is welcome – THAT is the clear philosophy of the circle makers. THAT is where my focus is. You are at liberty to focus elsewhere.

    BTW, you have a little sliver of drool running from the corner of your mouth there…

    One more time – have a nice day.

    • Lawrence
    • June 6th, 2010

    Yes David we have nothing much in common thankfully.

    You are incoherent and a scientific illiterate who pretends to know what he is talking about and when called on your bluff you continue to blabber on incoherently as if you know what you are talking about (saying that I “theorize on miracles or whatever”).

    David – newsflash, nobody gives a fig what you think. Really. In fact you don’t seem to be able to think much at all. .

    • David
    • June 6th, 2010


    You are correct. Clearly, we have nothing in common.

    I am more than happy for you to theorize on miracles or whatever pleases you. No problem with that at all. All research is good.

    As for me, I’ll go with Michael’s definition of things in the Stonehenge video –

    “…an amazing and unidentifiable energy…power, that (is capable of) sweeping the thick stems down and, on the other hand, displays a fantastic tenderness and delicacy with the petals”.

    Happy to have respectfully disagreed with you. Cheers.

    Gary – I have no doubt that you realize that my suggestions re loading were nothing to do with “marketing” any more than someone elses’s re wind noise. Accessibility perhaps, but more just your loading problems. Just suggestions on ironing out the bugs, nothing more. Enjoying your excellent site and vids very much… mostly…

    • Lawrence
    • June 6th, 2010

    David you continue to be unintentionally laughable. What wounded ego of mine? From your hopeless blunt ‘barbs’? Projection on your part I think.

    What’s there to talk about? Your pretence and bluff that you know science and presume to lecture me on it? You condescendingly (and in all seriousness) lecturing the cropcirclereporter on how they should market their videos for generation zero twits with the attention span of gnats?

    David why do you assume to think that I (or anybody remotely serious about the agriglyph mystery) should give you the time of day? You think you have something of substance to say here (“let’s talk”), and on science and religion generally? Yes I know you think you do, that’s the problem, see?

    • David
    • June 6th, 2010

    Hello Lawrence,

    Nice to see that, in true “scientific” style you remain detatched, non-personal and unemotional.

    You continue to go on about “science” yet fail to apply the most basic principles right here and right now in a simple note.

    My comments were merely discussion and clearly given WITH RESPECT – not lecture. That now appears to be your department, but I wouldn’t know – having made no claim to “know who you are”. Neither do I care – this is a discussion forum. Nevertheless, you express a clear need to affirm or express your credentials or background. Go for it – if you think it’s about you.

    A “know it all”? Did I tell you something you don’t know? You haven’t said – in amongst your little knee-jerk there. “19 years old”? Another personal slur and rediculous assumption.

    I have agreed previously that, yes, the phenomenon is a valid mystery – unexplained but not neccessarily “miraculous”. Feel free to disagree with my terminology (you already have).

    I think perhaps that that is your only real point of contention Lawrence – the word or application of the concept of “miracles”.

    That and, apparently, having your nose out of joint.

    Now, I for one, am here to discuss every aspect of this phenomenon. If that doesn’t suit you or you wish to simply be personal – then don’t bother me.

    On the other hand, if you can put your wounded ego aside and manage to be objective – let’s talk.

    All the best and have a very nice day –

    • Lawrence
    • June 5th, 2010

    David you write: “while extoling the vitues of “science”, you use words such as “miraculous” and ” miracles”. These concepts are antithesis and anathema to science.rite”

    Science and the miraculous are not mutually exclusive arenas, I do not imply divine intervention when speaking of the miraculous, that’s your own straw-man, predicated on your own misunderstanding of what I write. Like a lot of people you make that mistake, it’s a common one. The agriglyph mystery is a genuine earth mystery, hence terms such as miraculous can certainly be justified. If you don’t think so, then we may as well remove the word miraculous from our vocabulary. ‘Miraculous’ is a word with strong poetic and subjective overtones, let us not get caught in the dull trap of scientism.

    Truth is I consider the waggle dance of the honeybee miraculous, and the information rich complexity of DNA miraculous and the nanotechnology of the metazoan cell miraculous, specific types of zoophilous pollinaton miraculous, photosynthesis miraculous, the complex ecosystems of tropical forests miraculous, the nuclear fusion cascade in stars miraculous and the evolution of cetaceans miraculous, along with human consciousness itself and telepathy for example. I could go on and on. It doesn’t mean I don’t take a scientific approach to the subject (I’m not a Creationist), it’s precisely a scientific approach that reveals the miraculous nature of nature and the cosmos – something Newton, Keppler, Linnaeus and Einstein understood. I do realise that in our culture where everything has been explained away by scientese and scientific materialism masquerading as science, what I write is hardly going to be comprehended by most people.

    You lecturing me on science David? You don’t know who I am, what a laugh. Oh please lecture me on science and especially SSK (sociology of scientific knowledge) and the ‘demarcation problem’ re religion and science, censorship and the like in the prof journals, ecology, the PPE spiral and numerous contemporary controversies in evolutionary biology (having nothing to do with Creationism) and medical science; which you don’t have the remotest clue about, and wouldn’t understand at all at any rate.

    How old are you David? Nineteen or thereabouts? Young enough to be my son. I hope so, because you come across as a typical know-it-all youngster when you don’t know anything.

    • David
    • June 4th, 2010

    Hi Lawrence,

    And I, in turn, gotta disagree with you, with respect.

    Firstly, there is nothing remotely more “scientific” or credible about 7 minute videos than there is about 15 minute vids. Breaking a 15 minute vid into 2 parts for ease of loading and viewing does not somehow magically render it less scientific.

    My suggestion was more to help with the problems that can be inherant to loading up such lond vids.

    Secondly though, you say “it’s not about “distracting generation Z Sony playstation and reality TV gawkers from their brain rot”. I disagree. It’s about accessibility – for EVERYONE – which is who the messages are meant for – everyone. And pretty much “everyone” (including scientists) is busy – time poor with shorter attention spans than 15 minutes – especially for the un-converted.

    Thirdly, you say “This blog isn’t “about” trying to distract generation Z…” I disagree again. This blog is about whatever we make it “about” (related to CC’s) – hence our current discussion on the length of the videos.

    And here we are – opening up the conversation! Thank you and point made.

    Fourthly, while extoling the vitues of “science”, you use words such as “miraculous” and ” miracles”. These concepts are antithesis and anathema to science.

    We know no such thing as that the formations are “miraculous”. “Miraculous” immediately suggests and implies “divine” intervention of some sort. This is pure assumption, conjecture and, in this context, religious nonsense.

    What we DO know is that they affected and created by means or technology and people, persons or entities unknown. That is the OBSERVABLE and measurable fact.

    Yes, of course they are utterly amazing and beyond our experience. That doesn’t make them any more “miraculous” than a computer only 50 years ago.

    Anyway, nice to be opening up the blog a bit with you. It’s ALL up for discussion, Lawrence – every bit of it.


    • Pandora
    • June 4th, 2010

    The Liddington castle shots are fantastic! This formation is definitely related to the Wilton Windmill formation. I am sure you do not need me to point that out! I tried again to take some energy readings and my goodness what a result! Very strong energy in this formation,in fact the formation is at an elliptical angle in the field ,again the top section of the formation is showing a positive energy, a clockwise swing,while the other half is presenting an anti clockwise swing, and the centre of the formation is anti-clockwise (self correcting) to a clockwise swing,
    I hope you find this of interest, thank you once again,


    • Lawrence
    • June 4th, 2010

    David gotta disagree with you. Long vids are necessary, this is the most incredible miraculous phenomenon going on in the world today, that is being documented, photographed and studied and capable of being documented, photographed and studied (not as intensively as we would like for lack of funds). For the sake of the present and the future, a thorough professional approach is vital (among other things that means relatively long vids, that aren’t long at all really). And if the MTV generation is easily bored by that! well then the problem lies with them, not the presentation of mysterious massive miracles in the fields of the English countryside that in combination with the lesser man-made miracles (but still wonderful) of the internet and camera tech and aviation we are able to view all this from the comforts of home and office at no cost!

    This blog isn’t about trying to distract generation Z Sony playstation and reality TV gawkers from their brain rot, it’s about promoting the agriglyph mystery for what it is, and central to that is a scientific approach inclusive of showing why it is a genuine mystery and not in the main man-made hoaxing. That means long vids among other things. Open-minded scientists and academics are watching..
    Anything less than such a scientific and intensive approach is irresponsible, amateurish and a serious shortcoming. Remember this is not only for the present but the future.

    Great formation, man what a season it is turning out to be!

    • David
    • June 4th, 2010

    On second thought, no, it doesn’t look offset. It was just the angle. Great formation.

    • David
    • June 4th, 2010

    On second thought, no, it doesn’t look “offset”. It was just the angle. Great formation.

    • David
    • June 4th, 2010

    Now THAT’S precision! Nice work.

    From just these photos – it’s nice to be able to dispel any hint of fakery. If humans did this, and they may well have, just from another time and/or place, then they did it by means unknown – certainly not with boards, rope and teams of trampling feet.

    It looks like a stylised baby’s body – big inner circle for body, smaller circle for head and two smaller again for each arm. And it’s offset. Notice – that when you “right” the aerial image, the wedges around the outside are thick at the “top” and shave down to slivers at the “bottom”.

    Can’t wait for the analysis.

    Gary – a small, humble suggestion. Not to knock in any way what you are doing, it’s great. But, to simplify your troubles in losding up 15 minute vids, why not cut them down to 5 – 7 minutes, which is definitely easier for you and, also, more in keeping with most people’s attention spans and time limits.

    Just a thought – as it would be great to see more, and more consistent, vid up. Either way, keep up the good work.


    • Elizabeth Rosson
    • June 3rd, 2010

    As I have written before, your blog is particularly wonderful since I am unable to be in England this summer after spending the last 7 years there. I miss seeing the crop circles so much and your blog is allowing me to experience the wonderful formations vicariously as well as hear your thoughts on them as they appear. Thanks so much for doing this. It is appreciated more than you know.


    • Ginger
    • June 3rd, 2010

    Intriguing and beautiful

    • Brian Crook
    • June 3rd, 2010

    The precision is awsome

    • Anne Lightheart
    • June 3rd, 2010

    Stunning photos Just gorgeous.
    The lay of this formation is so uniform and precise, I could just lay down on it and fall asleep…

    I might just do that in a few weeks….x

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