Walbury Hill Fort, Nr Hungerford. Reported 12th June 2010.

I eventually located this formation just as the sun was setting.  I managed to get some video footage from the top of the hill fort, and from inside, using the low light setting on the camera. I’ll put the footage together for a blog during the next couple of days. But, in the meantime, here’s a slideshow with some great pictures from Steve Alexander and Olivier Morel. Many thanks to you both.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    • jack Newnham
    • February 12th, 2011

    Hi Gary and co,

    Thanks for providing this wonderful site.

    What strikes me about this formation is the wobbliness of the lay. A childish quality. As if a child has filled in the outlines freehand with a pencil. Not the same pristine precision with perfect computer-like finish that we know the makers are capable of. Although the precision is still there in the outline. Maybe a parent circlemaker is letting junior have a go after drawing the outline.

    Also I noticed the wobbly “echo” of the yin yang shape in the lay pattern of the central circle, as if the maker was ‘practicing’ or playing around with the rough idea for the design before expanding in both directions to the finished product.

    The wobbly snake culmination is also like a child’s resolution to a progression of “frames” in an animated movie.

    Of course there is the boring resemblance to a sperm with growing twin cells and the yin-yang thing, but who cares and why not? Someone is having some fun here. Me included.

    • briancrook35
    • June 22nd, 2010

    The lay of the crop is lovely and with such variety and precision. Looking forward to the video.

    • mananne
    • June 15th, 2010

    One of my friends thinks that this formation may be some kind of a representation of the haploid set of 23 chromosomes in the human genome!

    Marianne Krüll, Germany

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