Chirton Bottom

I have received a mail from some friends, Paul and Sadie Smith, who regularly visit new formations. They have been providing me with compass bearing information which is of interest to many people. I’m happy to say that Sadie herself has been following the formations longer than I have. Here’s their e-mail in full. Thanks for the info guys.

“This beautiful formation can be found in the leigh of the hill surrounding Chirton Bottom.  It is best approached from the parking area on the top of Red Horn Hill. Walking down the footpath you can get an arial view.

Be patient as the formation only reveals itself at the last possible moment as you descend.  Our observations have given us a map reading of SU065557.

Difficult to provide bearing references as the formation sits neatly in a bowl of the land, but from the centre of the formation the Pump House to the East was at a bearing of 100 degrees and to the West you can observe the 90 degree corner of the footpath that we decended to reach the formation was 280 degrees.  This means that the formation lies on a direct line between this corner and the pump house.

Without doubt this formation has great precision and beauty leaving no doubt that this is a genuine design of the original makers.  The lay of the crop is cleverly woven with particular use of the angled heads of the mature barley; this gives the look of flowing water around the islands of the standing crop. Unusually we have observed that the nests within the circles are in most cases off centre and in some cases have 2.  The centre had a raised nest which seems a feature of this years formations”.

    • John Dalton
    • September 6th, 2010

    Any thoughts regarding DNA? Perhaps the 29 circles coincide with the 29 codons of the DNA. Man’s DNA may be changing, transforming into something different. We are in the middle of the “end of days” of this sequence and are perhaps seeing a “break” in the chain of our present DNA make-up. The glyph also seems to encourage the idea of not just the “figure-eightness” of infinity but the interconnectedness of two toroidal fields. Interestingly, the DNA double helix shape is now known to be more the shape of a torus.

    • Nancy Talbot
    • June 24th, 2010

    Gary, what a magnificent formation….that absolutely fabulous fluid lay is really spectacular. Loved being able to see it in your video. And also loved Michael’s remarks about both the outrageous sophistication of the design elements and it’s overall representation of the infinite, the forever linked. I have goosebumps….no kidding. Many thanks.

    • kitty9
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Sitting here in Saskatchewan, so far away-I eagerly await all of your posts! We have not had a start to the season here, there has been nothing but rain, and many seeded crops have been flooded-only 70% have been seeded so far. Your footage and geometrical insights are awe inspiring and truely enlightening:)-I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation and excitement for my first conference and crop circle experience this July :)So thankyou for connecting me to the cropcircles through the care and time you spend on your research and this webpage.
    Katherine Parker

    • briancrook35
    • June 22nd, 2010

    I hoped to visit this one but was unable to go So many thanks to Gary for taking me there. Brilliant. Michael’s insight really makes you think.

    • karenjalexander
    • June 21st, 2010

    Beautiful formation. Thanks for the look inside and the geometry insights. Keep it up.

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