Wickham Green South and North, nr Hungerford Berks. Reported 30/7/10.

Here is a slideshow of this amazing formation that came down in two parts, either side of the M4 motorway. Interestingly when these two formations are laid on top of each other, they produce what can only be described as a familiar enigmatic face. Thanks to Olivier Morel for the great shots. Also many thanks to Andreas Muller for the graphics.

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    • jack Newnham
    • March 16th, 2011

    Hi Gary,

    I sent this email to Mark Fussel tonight. Can’t send attachments here. Hope it adds something to the research.

    Hi Mark, Gary, Michael and Co.

    Further to my Photoshop work with the Wickham Green formations sent last October and placed on the report page:

    I applied a gaussian filter to the composite image with startling results. See the attached jpg page.

    The filter gives the same effect as an out-of-focus photo. I also took out-of-focus photos with my camera of the top printout (photos not shown here) just to check if there was some Photoshop artifact at work, but got identical results with the camera.


    Jack Newnham

    • jack Newnham
    • September 25th, 2010

    Afterthought re. binary code formation (Windmill) as discussed in the video blog with Karen and Michael. It’s clear the binary code is the MEANS whereby we share this crop circle experience. We and our cameras, computers, helicopters, technicians, computers, human biology, brain power all coming together at exactly the right “time” at any “given moment” are not separate from it all. The binary code consists of sequences of “ons and offs” of “energy”. Is that different from “nothing and everything” happening at the same time as put forward by science? A proposition difficult to comprehend psychologically, but perhaps the only possible resolution to the seemingly overwhelming separate difficulties facing every individual trying to organise each individual life.

    • jack Newnham
    • September 24th, 2010

    After reading Steve Alexander’s comment in his newsletter that these two formations had been combined to make a face, I thought I’d have a go with it in Photoshop, without having seen anyone else’s work. After visiting this site, I now find I achieved virtually the same results as Andrea with a slight difference. I didn’t reduce the formations to black dots on white background. In Photoshop I inverted Steve’s greyscale images to get dark grey dots on light grey background. I had to adjust each to same size outer circle, make a mirror image of one, make it transparent, on a layer above the other. The circle maker kindly provides vertical lines to show us how to align the dots EXACTLY. Steve’s two photos were (amazingly) almost taken from the same view point and elevation, but those lines didn’t quite match perfectly so I transformed both images slightly so that they aligned exactly vertical, were parallel and equally spaced. The advantage of retaining grey dots instead of black is that some dots overlap to make darker dots resulting in an image with three shades of grey resulting in a softer image with slightly better fidelity. Another difference was I aligned the circles top and bottom, not left and right as Andrea has done, which gives a slightly better result. Finally, I adjusting the contrast so that the grey tones were approximately equal for both images (Light grey back ground, darker grey dots, but not black).

    After all that, perhaps an impression of the origin and purpose of the formations would be of interest. First off, they are not made by individual folk like you and me. Their is nothing alien or other worldly about them. They show us familiar images, maths, historic symbols and designs that are of our world culture.
    So maybe you and I make them, but we don’t know how because we live in an illusory state, disguised as millions of cause and effect individuals busily occupied in the business of endevoring.
    I reckon the purpose of crop circles is mind boggling. Our every day world appears to be a solid, time bound, cause and effect affair. But science tells us their is nothing and everything at the same time. Totally wierd. So it looks like everything here is a sort of illusion. In other words, “illusion is the only game in town.”
    How can we, bound by time and illusion ever know what is NOT illusion? Knowledge won’t do it because it works by question and answer in time. As in…”We don’t know right now, but in the future we might.” And the more scary thought… “I’m feeling well today, but I’m here waiting for a future time when my body will malfunction.”
    Some folks these days are talking about “non-duality”. A non illusory something that everyone IS without “knowing” it. That something CAN’T be known, and can’t be named because everything “here” is illusion, including words and thoughts. Including crop circles.
    I’m attracted to the idea that “What is not illusion” is using the ILLUSION of crop circles to tell us that we are not individual beings bound by time and space. After all, the face image is clearly an illusion and many other formations apparently representing different dimensions (3D time and space). I can’t help noticing our movies and TV are overflowing with illusions of all kinds.. I’m even under the illusion someone may be interested in this stuff I’m writing.
    Over and out from me.
    Jack Newnham.

    • Pandora
    • August 30th, 2010

    This is an amazing set of formations.A set of symbols that seem to have a connection to the first formations of this year.This has meaning for me,perhaps only me but then you never know the symbols have a different meaning for everyone.We have a definite connecting plan here and it would be so nice to have a face to face discussion.Alas I am not anyway near the area but someday soon I hope to be in Wiltshire again.Love and light ,

    • Brian Crook
    • August 17th, 2010

    So much we don’t understand. I feel humbled by the intelligence that created this.

    • Leonie Cooke
    • August 16th, 2010

    Interesting to note in the Newbury Weekly News that on the night these crop circles appeared a man in Lambourne reported a UFO sighting which he took photos of. Perhaps connected?

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