Trent Barrow,Dorset. Reported 5th August 2010.

A beautiful old school type pictogram has appeared in Dorset. Thanks to Olivier Morel for the great arial and ground shots, as well as the following report.

The area is gorgeous and the formation is in between two small hills, in sort of a bowl. Easy to spot when you park the car on the way to visit the barrow. I didn’t find the barrow but some stones here and there, maybe the rest of the so called barrow. But there is this little pond as already shown in the previous pictures that I have taken also from above. The crop circle, not straight (see pictures) was directly pointing on the north of the pond, probably where the barrow was. (it engages only me)

The formation in itself seems to have been here since a couple of weeks or more (also only engaging myself on that point). Looks like very feminine from above. The mature wheat was crackling making a sort of permanent nice song and the details on the grounds were beautiful.

Olivier Morel

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    • Brian Crook
    • August 17th, 2010

    From the aerial photos I wonder why it is not straight but the ground shots, wow, wonderful. Thanks Olivier.

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