Were Back and Housekeeping.

    • Roisin Russell
    • April 19th, 2011

    Hello Michael,

    This is Roisin in Co. Cork Ireland
    I met you at the Glastonbury Symposium a good few years ago and have followed your work with great interest since then.

    It amazes me that in this mystical land we have not had any Crop Circles visit us although we have active groups and interested people.

    Just wanted to say Hello and thank you for sharing all your great insight and vastknowledge.

    I do hope that we shall meet again.

    Very best wishes,


  1. Hello guys,
    I thank you for this video, like the others you made, it is always a GREAT pleasure to watch. In th this one I appreciate that you make the statement that you feel someone has damaged the crop circle cause. I know very well peoples views on crop circles back here in Sweden and I think it is a shame. I am happy that you are very clear and firm about this. Why should we be left in a doubtful mind about the existence of crop circles when there is so much to really discuss and explore? I find it extremely interesting and I always look out for a new blog from you. Me and my husband is looking forward to next summer, going back to Wiltshire. Thank you for all your work!

    • Jay
    • December 30th, 2010

    I disagree totally with you guys, according to a number of videos I have seen nothing to do with C.A. (see vids on Richplanet.com) they corroborate totally with what Colin Andrews has been saying. I have obviously copied this to see if you do allow other peoples points of view. The videos on Richplanet tells me that Crop Circles are real BECAUSE of the 80/20. Evidence DOES point to a direct evidence that 80% are most definitely man made to steer us away from the real ones. The latest evidence tells us out there that it could be as much as 95% of them are man made (see Richplanet videos). This gives us hope rather than forlorn disappointment for someone is getting extremely nervous. IMO, You have damaged yourselves extremely by not being able/willing to debate this in an open forum. I am very disappointed. This video also really doesn’t help, and if the “real issues” as you say should be discussed then you should listen and discuss them rather than try to back up your previous statements. I am an average Joe and I tell you that I think you are both entirely wrong and it’s you guys who have damaged the situation by refusing to address them head on.

    Anyways, lets see if you show this and let people make their own mind up and although it’s DEC 2010, this situation is new to me. My honest opinion is, or you guys to regain your credibility (and imo you really need to) you must embrace other peoples opinions ESPECIALLY as of late it certainly looks like Colin Andrews was right. Thank You.

    • Brian Crook
    • October 16th, 2010

    Well done. You have put the record straight. Continue with your excellent work of researching these wonderful formations.

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