7/7/7 re-visited

    • Kian Samari
    • September 21st, 2011

    Hi Gary,

    I am very fascinated about the topic of crop circles. Thank you for that video and sharing your incredible experiences! They were quite touching. I especially liked the fact that the conversation you had with Wynn was, in my view, based around the two topics of science and religion, even though they generally tend to fight each other when brought face to face in society. I know I’m not exactly taking about crop circles here, but I thought that the discussion you had was a brilliant example that science and religion are in harmony and can only advance (like that conversation was) if the two topics work together without believing in just one of them and denying the facts and the truths about the other.
    Anyway, I’ll look forward to more presentations, and I’m glad I found the website! 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience Gary. I got chills listening to you describe your collaborative discussion with Wynn. Your description of how you have steeled yourself against doubt and criticism and come to grips with what you KNOW to be the truth was affirming & helpful, because that is something we all have to deal with as we evolve through this amazing time in our history. It is often very hard to know what to say to people who doubt or have closed their minds to any kind of enlightenment, but if we just start with ourselves, that is enough.

    On a technical note, I just wish the sound was better on this particular video – there seems to be an echo in the room. I was able to hear most of what you said, but it was difficult to listen to. In any event, thanks again, and to you and Michael – an excellent job with this website!

    • jack Newnham
    • February 16th, 2011

    cropcirclereporter :
    Thank you Jack, I like your words. For years now, I have been saying that it’s the journey we go on with the formations that can yield so much meaning for us. Your photo shop example is evidence for this in itself, but when we look at ourselves and discover why something has been irritating us, for example, then we have the opportunity for growth. This is very difficult to explain or demonstrate, but when you stay around the formations long enough… Gary

    Thanks for that Gary. I agree wholeheartedly.

    I am coming to see the crop circles innocent persistence (but displaying extraordinary intelligence, despite having no apparent bodily presence), very heartening… This, in a world where bodies of all ages, shapes and states of health are a source of both pleasure and terrible tragedy.

    Could every presence be bottom-line independent of bodily restrictions?

      • jack Newnham
      • February 20th, 2011

      Hi Gary,

      Picking up on your comment on what it is that irritates us, and the influence of messing about with crop circles.

      I get irritated by all sorts of things. By folk not taking the phenomena seriously. Not sharing my enthusiasm. Not agreeing with my observations. Having a view that I don’t have. Insisting that trickery is involved. That all enthusiasts are naive and misguided, etc.

      No different from any other conflict of interest that arise between folk, causing division, competition, and tragically, often expressed violently.

      Division between peoples has always blighted humanity. Calling it selfish human nature that needs to be eradicated by universal enlightened education has not succeeded to date, due to disagreement on what should be taught. Any attempt to force people to comply is fraught with problems.

      How can the occasional presence of crop circles make a difference? They just appear stay awhile and disappear. Granted, they demonstrate remarkable qualities that range between simple designs and highly complex images and puzzles that get us busily thinking, analysing, and maybe forming strong opinions.

      Perhaps “thinking” and “thought” is what they “want” to evoke. No two people think exactly alike, so thought is where all division and conflict has it’s “origin”. Ranging from mild irritation to outright fury.

      What is most disturbing about crop circles?

      For me it’s the question about their origin. They seem to come from “nothing”. And in time… return to “nothing”. But for me, this is sort of comforting.

      I see a similarity here with “thought”. I don’t know what thought is or where it comes from. It sort of “arises” from the brain, or does it come from “nothing”, stay awhile and return to “nothing”. Like everything else.

      My contribution here for your consideration, is this… that crop circles perform an extraordinary feat. They attempt to be seen as a metaphor or symbol representing that something we call “thought”. The “element” which is so divisive, but which comes from “nothing” and returns to “nothing” but is certainly not nothing as far as thought itself is concerned.

      Perhaps the “ground” of “thought” and the “circles” is the same, but the “ground” is beyond inspection by thought which “arises” FROM it. That may account for the feelings of security and “coming home” that some people express.

      The implications that “arise” out of all this is that perhaps “nothing” is not “nothing” but is our real security, without conflict, beyond inspection or detection by thought. But apparently detected by feelings, interpreted and reported by thought.

      Of course all this does a nose dive if it turns out that aliens from the other side of the galaxy are just softening us up with crop circles in preparation for imminent restructuring of our brains and DNA.

      Just remember Gary, you heard it here first. “Crop circles are a metaphor for thought!”

        • jack Newnham
        • March 27th, 2011

        Hi Gary,

        I was touched by your remark in the video. After hearing the birdsong, even before the circle had arrived. “It was enough!”

        Folk ask what it is that cropcircles say that words and numbers can’t? Why don’t they spell out in words what they want us to “get”. Like, show us pi to 5 decimal points using ordinary numbers instead of the complex ten segments of a circle?

        OK, I get the joke about that particular one being a “pi” chart.

        Is there something in the formations that we haven’t noticed that could move us to exclaim “It’s enough!”

        Perhaps it is the physical precision required for their presence, admired of course,
        but perhaps “not enough”.

        I mean, every stalk of wheat has to be in place. Every condition must be exact. They could not be present in any other way. For the man’s face to look right every ‘dot’ had to be right.

        But not only that. For us to recognise an image we have to be just right as well. Our eyesight, education, the cameras and computers and helicopters and technical knowhow have to be just right. No compromise is possible.

        Can we take this further? Not just stay with crop circles?

        Great precision is required for Earthquakes, tsunami’s, nuclear power plant operation and failure, armed conflict, and disease as well as puppies, flowers, sunsets, planets and black holes. Not to mention atoms, quarks and all those sub micro particles doing whatever it is they do so well. It’s called “precision” but that word is not it. Compromise is impossible. Wrong decisions are not possible because only what is precisely correct can exist.

        Could it be that all that destruction is OK along with the delight we feel for puppies?

        Alongside the precision of the squillion stalks of wheat that make the cropcircles, perhaps we could place a remark attributed to someone, (if I remember correctly, and whose symbol seems to have “cropped” up recently) that the hairs on everyones head are numbered. Which I interpret as meaning, “despite appearances, be assured that all is OK, no compromise is possible. It’s official. Take it from me, it’s enough!”

        And that’s enough from me, Gary.



    • Leo
    • February 12th, 2011

    Thanks for your opinion Jack.

    Actually I want to know what Gary thinks about it.


      • jack Newnham
      • February 13th, 2011

      Hi Leo,

      Sorry if I seem to be butting in here.

      I guess I see red when I come across conspiracy theories about Gov’t and special interest group cover ups about visits from little green men from Mars.

      And I’m a bit tired of dire warnings from esoteric groups who are privy to secret doctrines.

      How we have all followed the wrong path and are about to get our come-uppence.
      As if there aren’t enough warnings to heed.

      Warnings have been happening for yonks about approaching doomsdays. They come and go in time. Like opinions. Like every crop circle. It’s wonderful that we now have amazing photography and video which make it possible to share the images and exchange impressions via the net.

      The media love to get hold of doomsday theories and are inclined to miss the wonder and purity of the crop circles’ innocence. The feelings of pure joy that folk like to talk about here.

      I don’t wish to degrade anyone’s experience of life, by using a word like “illusion”. It’s not accurate.

      Suffering of any kind is horrible. Certainly not illusory. Neither is joy. And being abducted by aliens must be frightening for the abductee.

      There seems to be this ever-present condition of opposites. Positive and negative, yin and yang, cause and effect, life and death, me and not me, teacher and not teacher, aliens and not aliens. Each element of duality dependent on the other to exist.

      I seem to see something of this paradox in these amazing crop pictures from “nowhere in particular”. Do we get a feeling of ourselves and everything and everyone as complete, just as we are, ever present, reconciling the opposites?

        • Leo
        • February 14th, 2011

        Thanks Jack. Your second approach looks better to me.

        Cheers, Leo

    • Leo, sorry for the delay in replying, I really have a lot on at the moment and so dropping everything to read 216 pages just hasn’t been possible. However, from what I have read I have to say I agree with what Jack has said. I’m also fed up with hearing the same old stuff channeled by some special person who’s been privileged to be given all the information, and then struggle to pass it all on to us. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid. Tell me why are you so keen to hear my opinion on this work? My own work focuses on geometry, consciousness, psychedelics etc, I’m not an alien, conspiracy preacher, as you may know.

    • Leo
    • February 10th, 2011

    Hi Gary,

    A great video. Thank you so much.

    While we are at the crop circles, what do you think about this?




    • Thanks Leo, glad you liked it. Wow this looks like an extensive piece of work!!! I’ll look it over and get back to you with my comments. Thanks for sending the link. Gary

        • Leo
        • February 11th, 2011

        Thanks Gary. I really appreciate it.

        His points are quite extraordinary…



        • jack Newnham
        • February 11th, 2011

        Hi Gary and Leo,

        First of all I have to comment on the vast quantity of information contained in the Andov material. Also on the good quality and quantity of the illustrations.

        I took note of his opening remark claiming special knowledge. Knowledge gained from the author’s vast cosmic experience. The most important and astonishing information that anyone could ever learn.

        Knowledge that others don’t possess, or is yet to be awakened by the touch of the coming sweeping cosmic energy streaming from the centre of the Milky Way. A power about to engulf our whole solar system.

        The context reminds me of utterances attributed to Biblical prophecy, in particular, the Book of Revelation.

        Here are the warnings of future Earth catastrophes, of cosmic proportions, backed by the authority of a special Super Being.

        The information encrypted in crop formations is commandeered as a precious resource, described as “obvious” to the skilled observer, that the information interpreted by him is clearly factual.

        The predicted events will undoubtedly occur on a date in December 2012.

        There is advice to those who heed the warnings. How to attune to the coming events and thus ride the storm. To those who don’t take heed, the advice is to prepare for the worst.

        I am wary of folk who say “I know, and you don’t!” when discussing matters to do with time and space.

        My feeling about crop circles are not like the interpretations presented by Mr Andov.

        They don’t look alien to me.

        Surely they simply reflect our common culture, maths, art, religion, history, games, puzzles.

        And humour. Check out that “alien image” with the CD! Looks like a spoof to me, a comment on our preoccupation with alien beings from other worlds.

        They say to me… despite the evident onslaught of time’s destructive violence… all is well. Illusion is alive and well. Specialness is illusion. No special acquired knowledge, ritual, appearance or ability is required or expected for everyone to be included in everything wonderful.

        In a world where illusion is the only game in town, what is NOT illusion is compelled to play with illusions that come and go in time, to send greetings of glowing wonder to all who care to look.

        How good is that?

        • jack Newnham
        • February 15th, 2011

        Hi Gary and Leo,

        This is to thank Leo for providing the link to Mr Andov’s work.

        I think I now see why the work irritated me (perhaps others have similar feelings). If I hadn’t examined it and thought about the contents, I wouldn’t have discovered why it irritated me.

        The story goes like this.

        If I were to describe crop formations I’d use words like:
        * intelligent * masterly * ingenious * resourceful * beautiful * breathtaking * stunning * pristine * intriguing * brilliant * challenging * surprising * baffling etc.

        At the end of my last post addressed to Leo, I found myself using the word
        “innocent”. I would now add the words “non-threatening”.

        Personally so far, I don’t feel threatened by them, but some folk might.

        It seems to me, a sign of intelligence that they show no hint of criticism, violence or judgement. They merely show up and appear to enjoy our company, because they return every year. And they seem to be getting better at what they do.

        They actually invite us to play with them. Two formations this season were clearly and unambiguously meant to be assembled together (by anyone skilled in Photoshop layering) to make the face of a friendly looking man. For me and my Photoshop, this was a rewarding game. How could I not feel a joyful connection?

        Folk typically report feelings of sublime tranquility when visiting them.

        But, in the immortal words of Mr Neddy Seegoon “Here’s where the story really starts folks…”

        In the presence of a formation’s innocence, perhaps we feel our own innocence, a lightness of being that was always present in our childhood, when things were naturally timeless, fresh and new. But childhood gradually receded, unnoticed, into “the light of common day”.

        Perhaps Mr Andov’s work has highlighted a tendency in many of us (in all innocence), to look for, and see evidence of approaching earthly catastrophe, and we therefore (again in all innocence ) feel a need to sound a warning.

      • Thank you Jack, I like your words. For years now, I have been saying that it’s the journey we go on with the formations that can yield so much meaning for us. Your photo shop example is evidence for this in itself, but when we look at ourselves and discover why something has been irritating us, for example, then we have the opportunity for growth. This is very difficult to explain or demonstrate, but when you stay around the formations long enough… Gary

  2. Hi Gary,
    What a wonderful experience to watch you and listen to you.
    Thank you very much!
    Anna Marie

    • Pandora
    • November 9th, 2010

    Hi there Gary! I am watching the video again, and each time I see, or hear, something new and very much deeper than what we just see on the third dimensional plane. What I find so interesting is the fact that you mentioned that you feel that the formations have a lot to do with our transformation as a species from this civilization, I have to say I would agree that. When we experience a direct contact with this unknown Intelligent force (the crop circle makers)
    It is an over whelming , emotional, exciting, over the Moon, un-earthly feeling, and heaven knows what else, the feelings that arise are so difficult to describe ,in fact there are no words that we can use to really show how we feel, but I think you mastered that one in the video, as you have left no doubt that the experience was unique , something from beyond the Earth plane and perhaps we are being visited from other dimensions, I myself believe we have been given a very special spiritual message through the formations and it is really up to the individual to decipher the meaning for ones self ,because it hits us right through the Heart ,we can’t deny what we know to be the truth, shattering and astounding as that might be.
    Love and light,


    • Marianne Krüll, Germany
    • November 3rd, 2010

    Dear Gary:
    I have been watching this video over and over again and each time am almost moved to tears at the end, when you share with us your deep feelings of joy in humbleness and gratitude for this enormous gift that has been given to you in being witness of the making of this extraordinary formation. And of course, all the incredible coincidences and synchronicities show that you were meant to have this experience to share it with us. Yes, it is sad that so many people are not able to face this great mystery. But we who do are ever so grateful to you for opening your heart so generously. I take you in my arms!
    Love Marianne.

    • Thank you so much Marianne. I’m so moved by your words of appreciation that I am almost speechless. I really look forward to walking into some more formations with you again next season. Love Gary.

    • flavia
    • October 20th, 2010

    This is a good complement for the video you showed us in São Paulo!
    Thanks for sharing it!

    Ps: If it’s Anna’s son in the final credits, I believe the correct name is Norman SHARP – without the “E” (Brazilian mineral water bottle … video made in Brazil?)

    • Thank you Flavia, It is Anna’s son Norman in the final credits, and the Brazilian mineral water. I cant change it now without uploading a re-edit, so I’ll just apologize for the misspelling the next time I speak to him. Glad you enjoyed the interview, nice to hear from you. Warm regards. Gary

    • Stuart Wisdom
    • October 19th, 2010

    Hi Gary,

    Superb my friend that was an amazing interview on the 777 formation. I really felt the emotion you expressed with it.
    I am convinced this formation went down in that flash of light, I have no problem whatsoever in accepting that.
    I was fortunate enough to visit that formation, boy it was massive (took me an hour to walk round it), it had an unworldly peaceful feel to it.



    • Brian Crook
    • October 18th, 2010

    What an experience Gary. Amazing. Very brave of you to expose your innermost feelings to us, but I am very glad you have as it helps me to understand much more about this happening. Your web-site is so wonderful for me. I look forward to your next presentation.

    • Pandora
    • October 18th, 2010

    Hello there Gary!
    I really enjoyed your talk about your experience on the 7/7/7 Formation.The metaphysical path is the one I favour,but there again we have so many ways to Interpet this formation which is of course a daunting task.However the singing skylark over your head in the pitch darkness was surely a direct contact with whom ever was in the process of making that amazing formation.That for me is a very spiritual cosmic connection no doubt about it!Like you I have had over the years many very mysterious happenings which float in right out of the blue. I too feel I have an interacting relationship with the cosmic circle makers, I do not fully understand that connection but its there and very much so. You and Paula were indeed blessed,what a truly wonderful experience for you both to be first into that amazing formation and you know it was a gift you will never forget!Love and light ,

    • Thank you Pandora, I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the talk, it certainly was an experience that none of us will ever forget. Warm regards, Gary.

    • jack Newnham
    • October 17th, 2010

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and insights into the circles.

    I left a couple of comments on the Wickham Green north and south page, where I describe my efforts to combine the two images, and how they differed slightly from the rendering shown in the slide show (comparing it with the Turin shroud image).

    I haven’t discovered yet how to attach a jpg with my comments here, but I emailed markfussell@blueyonder.co.uk last week and attached it to my message.
    No reply yet.

    For me, the most remarkable aspect about this twin formation is the blatant, clear, unmistakable, up front invitation/challenge to anyone who works in Photoshop or similar computer graphics tool to fit the images together. Because that’s the only way it could be done.

    It wasn’t that difficult. The Turin shroud was a negative (as in photo, not emotion) image, as is the Wickham image. Easy to do in Photoshop. The designer places a convenient vertical line grid within each formation to aid the assembler.

    The tricky part was what I take to be a playful attempt to make it a bit more difficult… by making one image a mirror image (requireing the ‘invert’ facility in photoshop).

    In your previous blog, Michael speaks enthusiastically about the uncanny precision
    needed to create these very complex images. Such is the case with the twin images. In my combination, where the grey dots overlap, a darker grey appears, effectively defining the eyes, hair in shadow, and the shadow under the nose.

    Incidentally, the Turin shroud image, although a very close resemblance, the eyes are closed. In Wickham, the eyes are clearly open.

    A surprise outcome:

    When working on the images in Photoshop, it was necessary to see them enlarged, in order to align the grid lines. One image is made transparent and placed over the second image. The grid on top is maneuvered until it aligns virtually exactly with the grid below. (the lines are almost, but not exactly equidistant apart).

    Working with the image up close was misleading.

    I was disappointed with what I was seeing… until I looked to the right side of the monitor screen which showed a ‘thumbnail’ sized image. I was startled to see a face looking at me, with an expression of… could it be… amusement?

    Sliding the top image from right to left in small increments (only to be seen while observing the small image) there comes a point when the face suddenly clicks into clearer focus. Its amazing when that happens. “Give the man a cigar!” That’s shows real precision from the designer I reckon.

    So, in retrospect, how could we not see that the image was made to be photographed and worked on in this way by us. And just maybe… everything was and is always in place for whatever happens.

    For me, the formations strongly suggest that we make and deliver the formations ourselves, but not as limited individuals. Now that many have some understanding of binary and quantum stuff, the formations have (at last) a means whereby they can appear to us in complexity.

    There is a suggestion here that our feelings of separation are perhaps only surface feelings, atuned with limited body and brain sensations. That there exists a reality that overrides individual suffering and fear. Because here we see something familiar and comforting, from the familiar past, manifesting without any need of body or brain… as far as we can discover anyway. I don’t see anything to suggest an “alien” presence.

    Perhaps the unlimited self is trying to show it’s limited self (us) that it has a foundation that encompasses the unlimited… whatever that is… (it can’t be known because it is beyond learned knowledge i.e. language).

    That face is a powerful cultural connector, as are other cultural symbols, i.e. the maths, ‘sacred’ geometry, solar system astronomy etc. put forward in the cereal (live pixel?) fields.

    Thanks again Gary, for allowing me to bend your ear. Is there a way for me to send you my version of the Wickham combination. It would be a buzz for me to see it on the blog.

    Cheers from Oz down under.


    • Hi Jack. As I was reading this I was thinking how much I would love to show the work that you’ve done on the site, so I was pleased to read that you would like to send them. Please e-mail me gary@cropcirclereporter.com and attach j-pegs. Thanks very much for your comments of appreciation, they are very well received by both of us. Look forward to seeing the images. warm regards. Gary.

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