Chisbury and The Pentagram

    • marieke
    • June 1st, 2011

    Jack, it was a pleasure reading your ‘essay’ =) And very inspiring too! Like Mark and Michael’s field work that they share with us! Thanks for sharing this with us people that don’t have the possibility to travel a long way to experience the circles ourselves.

      • jack Newnham
      • June 2nd, 2011

      Hi Marieke, thanks for your comment. Like you, I can’t get to visit and touch the crop circles from here in Melbourne, Australia, but the photos and videos via the web make their images accessible.

      A question arrises whether blind folk can appreciate them.

      I think they can in this sense. The “circles” are already arriving for the “season” in the form of geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are virtual, existing primarily as mind/maths concepts that can be repeated exactly, but only as concepts. Not as crop circles because crop circles are formed of organic life forms which are all different, ever changing and unpredictable. Like us folks, sighted or unsighted.

      “Symbols” also are virtual, and can be repeated. We tend to think that humans are also “virtual” in the sense that they are a particular somebody with a name and can be “classified” as belonging to a particular something or other. Here lies the source of many human difficulties.

      I think that crop circles are addressing these issues. Perhaps all our obsessive problems are merely virtual mind constructs and are immediately resolved the moment they are “conceived”. Because every moment is totally complete. How could it not be?

    • jack Newnham
    • May 1st, 2011

    Hi Gary and Michael. Thanks for the great video.

    That shot from inside the formation panning down the arm of the star, to the few standing stalks at the point, brings us really close to this fantastic graphic rendering from “nowhere” within that wheat-field canvas.

    Michael’s observation of the smaller circle at the centre reveals the basis for another star within that star, and another within that and another within that etc suggesting an infinite continuum, a quality associated with computer generated fractal images.

    In contrast to precise and complex geometric formations, on other occasions we are shown puzzling, knotted, bunched, chaotic, random looking “organic free-form” elements within precise geometric structures like the formation at Marden 09.08.2005.

    Karen refers to formations with fractal-like structure in the text of her recent book “Crop Circles” (co-authored with her husband Steve Alexander). She says “The fractal beautifully and succinctly illustrates a vision of a single finite creation.”

    Speaking of fractals, I recently watched a BBC doco called “The secret life of Chaos.” It shows mathematicians demonstrating that everything in nature has a formulaic structure. They show us computer generated “fractal” structures that grow themselves in an “organic-like” patterns, with no part exactly identical to another, and no part is predictable.

    In your blog, you show examples of the five pointed star “fractal formula” appearing in flowers, fruits, star fish etc. The doco would suggest no two flowers or starfish are exactly identical. “Chaos” might introduce a factor not predictable, resulting in a new species. But you can be sure that order will still be evident because order is everywhere.

    The word “chaos” to me means, “uncontrollable, unpredictable events”. Particularly tragic events that bring suffering and destruction.

    I wonder if these “unpredictable” crop formations are addressing this “chaotic” situation.

    We seem to live precariously. Under an uneasy cloud that says “Something is wrong, prepare ye for the next calamity!”

    Crop formations show us traditional geometrical mathematical formula. Repeatable and predictable “concepts”. But the organic crop in which it appears is subject to “unpredictable chaotic” events. Like the weather or disease. A bit like our own life situation.

    They also show us “organic chaotic” formations seemingly with no ordered structure but “within” an ordered structure. Again, a bit like us.

    When I look around, I see order absolutely everywhere. I can’t be angry, content, sad, happy or afraid without everything necessary for that feeling to “manifest”. That means every nerve, cell, molecule, atom, sub atomic particle etc. An infinity of “sub-events” in “order” for anything at all to be present at any one moment.

    I get the feeling that crop circles are generated by a compassion for mankind’s perceived condition. “They” seek to show us that in spite of what appears to be uncontrollable chaos in the world, life-order is all there is. And that is what we truly are. Not mechanical/chemical constructs confined within the limited order of cause and effect we call time. Time seems to be just a name for “waiting for something good or bad to happen.”

    That’s enough from me folks. You guys insist on showing us these blogs and invite comment, so blame yourselves for any boredom you have suffered. Many thanks for the great website.

    Love to hear views from circle addicts anywhere.

    • Jo Janssen
    • April 26th, 2011

    Always love to hear your professional 🙂 comments on the circles guys!

    • Brian Crook
    • April 26th, 2011

    How refreshing to receive your latest thoughts. Mark you do the field work so well and Michael we value your expert analysis. You give us much food for thought as we hopefully approach the new season.

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