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Trent Barrow,Dorset. Reported 5th August 2010.

A beautiful old school type pictogram has appeared in Dorset. Thanks to Olivier Morel for the great arial and ground shots, as well as the following report.

The area is gorgeous and the formation is in between two small hills, in sort of a bowl. Easy to spot when you park the car on the way to visit the barrow. I didn’t find the barrow but some stones here and there, maybe the rest of the so called barrow. But there is this little pond as already shown in the previous pictures that I have taken also from above. The crop circle, not straight (see pictures) was directly pointing on the north of the pond, probably where the barrow was. (it engages only me)

The formation in itself seems to have been here since a couple of weeks or more (also only engaging myself on that point). Looks like very feminine from above. The mature wheat was crackling making a sort of permanent nice song and the details on the grounds were beautiful.

Olivier Morel

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Whitefield Hill, Reported 3rd August 2010.

Thanks to Olivier Morel for the shots.

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Wickham Green South and North, nr Hungerford Berks. Reported 30/7/10.

Here is a slideshow of this amazing formation that came down in two parts, either side of the M4 motorway. Interestingly when these two formations are laid on top of each other, they produce what can only be described as a familiar enigmatic face. Thanks to Olivier Morel for the great shots. Also many thanks to Andreas Muller for the graphics.

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Westbury, Reported 27th July 2010.

This is the 2nd of two formations that were reported on the 27th July. Thanks once again to Olivier Morel for these great shots.

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Windmill Hill, Reported 27th July 2010

Please accept our sincere apologies for having not posted anything for some time, this has been due to technical problems together with an overwhelming workload during the height of the season. However, I’m pleased to say that we have now sorted out our technical difficulties and we are now back on track to begin posting the backlog of pictures and video blogs of some of the spectacular formations that have been coming down. First off then is a slideshow of the Windmill Hill formation, with pictures from Olivier Morel, thank once again Olivier. I was at this formation of the day it arrived and managed to get some great video footage of the vast amount of intricate nests and centres that adorned this formation. Please keep checking in this week for more postings.

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Roundway, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July 2010.

Once again, thanks to Olivier Morel for the great shots of this stunning formation at Roundway.

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White Horse Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July 2010.

Thanks to Olivier Morel for these shots of the formation at Alton Barnes.

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