Whitefield Hill

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White Sheet Hill

Mudford nr Yeovil Somerset. Reported 6th August 2010.

This simple, yet fairly large formation, is reported to be quite exquisitely laid on ground level. I haven’t had a chance to make a ground inspection myself, but was impressed by Stuart Dyke’s report which can be seen at Cropcircleconnector.com. Images are courtesy of Olivier Morel.

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Horton nr Devizes. Reported 9th August 2010.

As soon as Michael heard that a formation had appeared in Horton, very close to his home, he excitedly prepared to go out and see if he could spot it from the road. Sadly though, before he was able to leave the house, we heard news that the farmer had already cut the formation out. How disappointing!

On the fortunate side however, Olivier Morel saved the day once again, as he had discovered the formation on an early morning sortie and managed to get these great shots for all the world to see. Great work Olivier.

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Honey St, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August 2010.

This is one of two formations that were discovered on the 8th August. The other, located at the Pewsey White horse, was very quickly cut out by the farmer. Pictures are courtesy of Olivier Morel.

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